Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hunter Braids Completed

On Friday I spend a little time braiding my hunter's new mane and forelock, thankfully it turned out well. I have given him a tighter set of braids than normal as he has such a large neck it needed something to take your focus off it. I have also taken a bit off his lip as it was to big and made his head look long.

I'm now just left with smoothing out his muscles in his neck on this side so they blend nicely, then he can get into his final coat of primer for paint! My favourite colour for him so far is a Bay, maybe with a star on his face? I'm hoping to add some good shading & dappling to him so he won't have to have too much white added, I want to keep his as close to the real thing as possible, something along these lines....

Friday, 27 January 2012

New Drastic OOAK Hunter!

After trying so many times to blog on my own website it is just a pain to maintain so I have decided to join everyone else and use blogger instead.

Over the last month or so I have been experimenting with some custom work of my own, this has turned out ok so far so I thought I'd push myself a little bit more and take on a drastic custom for myself.  The mould I have used is a Breyer Diamond O'leary (or Cleveland Bay/Journeyman as it is better known as). This guy has been a real time muncher but I have found him enjoyable to work on when I have had a little free time.

Finally after what seems like months & months he is stepping into some of his final coats of white primer and is starting to look like a much prettier boy for it....

Now I don't claim at all to be brilliant at customising and I still have a long way to go on the learning path but I don't think he has turned out so bad for my first ever drastic?  I have moved so much on him that listing it would take ages but he is now wearing a new clipped upper tail with loose lower section as seen in the UK show hunting ring, new ear's with one twitched and I have added to his face too....oh and sorted out his hooves, I have always hated them on the original mould.
This guy has today had his new braided mane & forelock added and hopefully tomorrow he will get his final coat of primer to sit in over the weekend. I should be able to get a piccy of his new look then too. 

I have also recently ordered a new doll from Anne Field as a combination of Side Saddle/Driving lady, but doofus me didn't even think to maybe put this guy into Side Saddle! It took a shove from my proxy shower, lol....Thank you x! So I think this is what he will be stepping into the ring wearing, it should be quite fun to make up his tack for him as he is such a big boy!

Another little man that is currently on livery with me is a little Comet resin, he was very kindly loaned to me so I could make a tack set for someone. In return for this I offered to prep and paint the little fella....he is so cute!

I think the bain of prepping for me is darn air bubbles, this little boy had a fair few to sort out, I sat for hours filling them in but it is worth the end result.  He is now ready for his new coat, his owner has decided to let me have a free rein on the colour (brave! lol) so I shall keep that a secret for now in case she gets wind of it, hee hee!
He'll also be getting some new tack too before returning home.....A nice UK pony show hunter set.