Friday, 9 November 2012

Fast Turn Around!

I have been slowly working through my orders and feel quite pleased with myself today! I have managed to complete this 2 tone hunter saddle, pad and girth in less that 2 days! That is some going for me but I do have to add it all played nicely from start to finish...not the norm. lol.

It can now travel off to its new home over in Canada! I love how my tack travels around the world! :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rogue's Progress

I have progressed a bit on Rogue now and thought I'd add a few pictures in here of her, she has a bit more work to be done on her but I finally feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I have been working on my hair detailing and have come to the conclusion I need to invest in some new brushes, mine have seen better days! Poor Rogue did seem to have a bit of a harry potter scar going on so I had so tweak it a little....not too much as I quite like the idea of a lightening bolt star, lol!
She is now so close to being finished and I can't wait to get her over to her foster mom for showing, she is going to be a little girls loan pony! :)
Quick other more tack related item is a picture of Stacey's blinged up swallowtail dressage pad, its very eye catching to hand and makes a nice change from the 'norm'.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Some Progress....

Thought I'd pop in here and put a few pictures up, resizing things with microsoft paint seems to have issues hence the pics being a tad blurry, grrr. I will resize them again via photoshop which is on my other comp later.

Anyway,  Jackie's new mule hunter set....

My work seems to be progressing in quality, my tiny stitch marker has helped me loads in this too.
Massive Thank you to Glenys to for lending me one of her sunshine mules to work on!! xx 
Another piece of news is that Rogue is slowing coming together, the original colour I wanted for her just didn't suit at all so I had to start again from scratch. She is now a Bay Tobiano....
She has so much more work to be done to her, I have to finish blocking in her upper white and finish her eyes and teeth. I was finishing off another models hooves so done Rogues at the same time as it just seemed easier to do 2 at once. I will probably add a few dapples to her too, this should have been done before adding her white but hey, I never do things in order, lol.
I think she may get a blaze or star at some point too, need to have a chat with my proxy shower and see what she thinks :)
I have to give credit to Danielle Feldman too, it was thanks to some of her DVDs that I managed to use some pastels on this girl too. In fact she is half pastelled and half airbrushed. Danielle's hoof tutorial is very handy too!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another New Girl.....

Sneaky peek at another custom horse I'm working on at the moment. I have so many horses in my body box but there was one I have been wanting to play with for a while now, Ruffian! Having the left over Idocus head that came off Rogue's body I thought I could make use of it, especially seeing as it has much more detail than Ruffians, plus it matched the reference photo better too. Now I could have done her bucking but I have seen a few Ruffians made into this plus not really performance friendly so I decided to go along with this movement instead.

On my girl I have moved all the legs into the correct position and replaced the head with Idocus's head. I took off the forelock, enhanced the upper lip and flared the nostrils more to make her look like she is cantering. Also I have replaced the base with a more user friendly one that I created myself from Apoxie sculpt, I'm pleased with how this base has turned out as she sits quite solid on there.

She still has a long way to go but she is coming along, obviously her tail is currently just wire and she need a new braided mane and forelock. These will be one of the last things to do before her final primer, at the moment she has much more finish work to be done. I will get some better pictures of her, it is just dark here right now so this was the best my carema would do.

Rogue on the other hand is half way through paint! She is coming along well despite a set back on colour, my original choice just did not suit her so it was onto  plan B. I'll post some pictures of her when she is finished. :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Where does the time go?

I have been so so busy lately with things and suddenly realised it has been ages since I done a post in here so decided to do a little update of what I'm up to.

Firstly tack..... I have now completed a dressage set order which included an extra caverson bridle, I'm still loving my tiny stitch maker!

I think now this set is done and Willoughby is due to be shelved again he now deserves a fresh paint job, that one is old and I have now come along way since then, just need to decide a colour? hmmmm......

Next is a set for Diane, I have been working on 3 orders at once so there are a few.... bear with me, lol.

We decided to go with a fancy browband on her bridle to match the saddle, I really love how this worked out.

Finally I was asked to create a replica saddle for Jojo, she sent me over some picture of her real saddle to try and recreate as best I could, here is her saddle....

and this is her new model saddle.....

The colour is actually a cherry brown just like hers, the light just wasn't showing it properly today unfortunately. I have cast some white tread inserts for her stirrups and I think I have managed to get it very close. This proved to be one of the more awkward saddles I have made to date, mainly as some of you may know skiver doesn't dye like tooling leather which means you can't exactly match it. This meant I had to thin my tooling leather so thin that I could create the seat etc so they matched.....gawd my arm ached from skiving it!

Here is her bridle, breatplate & boots too....

And lastly, I mentioned a while back not showing any more? Well, I have sort of change my mind a little. Now I love resins but you see so many of the same horse just in different colours that I have decided that if I'm going to show again it will be my own one off customs instead to be a little different. In my body box I found an Idocus and Keltic that I was sure I could do something with, having had a good think about it I remembered a horse I used to have years ago that loved to try and nip at the stirrups when you were sat on her, she was such a character that I thought I might recreate her for a bit of fun.

 This is her nearly finished ready to paint, she is a cranky mare having a nibble.....She is created from Idocus's body with a Keltic head, she has been given a new swishing plaited tail with ribbon, new neck with larger braids and I have given her teeth in her mouth. This girlie has be extremely good even though I have had to work hard on her in my spare time...

I have nick named her 'Rogue' as she certainly looks like a bit of one! I have also kept her performance friendly so I can tack her up to do something (I'm a tack maker! hee hee!), it has been suggested maybe a pony club pony? Oh and she is a kicker hence her ribbon in her tail which will be red! Later on I plan to do a companion for her to be being grumpy with, I just need to decide on what to create and from who?

She also gained some shoes, I sculpted these myself so I could add toe clips. They just now need refining.

Anyway, I hope you like her as much as I do. I'll keep her progress up todate on here, I do have another custom on the go too but she is way behind this girl ;)

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Latest Tack Set so far....

Wow 2 posts in 2 days, I'm on a roll! lol. ;)

This is one of the current sets I'm working on at the moment, I posted a piccy of the dressage saddle yesterday and today I finished it's girth and the caverson bridle (another double bridle will go with it too).

I'm just so please with my custom made stitch marker, it just looks fantastic in hand!

Just the saddle pad, a pair of boots and a padded double bridle to go on this set now.

I thought I'd also share a few pictures of my hounds Benson and Beau out on their walk today, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live on such a beautiful little Island, I just need reminding of it when I travel to the mainland and it costs me £65.00 to get off it! lol.

Enjoy! :)

Oh! and just a quick note before I forget, I had a few awol emails arrive my end today in my spam, I will finish answering them tomorrow morning ;)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Back to Normality

Finally after what seems like a lifetime (ok, slight exaggeration, lol) I have managed to juggle everything back into line. Pup has finally learnt that when I'm at my work desk I'm not playing and now has a snooze with my other dog Ben. This means I'm finally able to start working through my back log of orders, unfortunately I now can't take on any more work until I clear all the ones I have first....My 'just one more won't hurt' isn't doing me any favours.

Also I seem to STILL be having email issues as a few people have said they have sent me emails which I haven't received my end, grrr. I will be sorting out a another email purely for Tiny Tack related things tomorrow, hopefully this will resolve the issue once and for all. In the mean time if you haven't heard back from me keep trying!! ;)

So far I have managed to complete Angela's LONG awaited Show hunter pony tack set, I also painted Comet into a nice little Dun for her too. Here he is....

I have managed to finish a dressage saddle for Kim over the last few days too, she asked me for a combination of 2 saddles I do and I think it turned out really well....

I do have a reason for mentioning this saddle, if you look very closely you might notice the stitch marking detailing is very tiny? For ages now I have been trying to find a smaller pounce wheel to the no9 with 21 teeth without much luck so I decided that if I couldn't find what I want then why not make it? I have tried and tried to make one but it always went wrong until through pure pot luck that I came across a strong little toothed wheel that was ideal for what I wanted! it has double the teeth and works brilliantly, the biggest difference is on bridles (will get pics later). Here is a picture of my wheels marking on a scrap piece of leather to give you an idea... the old one is the green arrow and the new with the blue arrow. So much smaller and neater, although it is personal preference.

Finally I thought I'd share a piccy of Beau my pup, he has grown so much when I look back now. He has started loosing his puppy teeth so is chewing for Britain at the moment, I have to keep putting his pressed rawhide bones down to keep him going.....and to save my furniture! lol.

This pic above made me laugh, it is like little & large on a mission! ;)

Friday, 27 July 2012


Over the last few days I have had some photo's sent to me from Val and Jessica, I just wanted to congratulate them on their success at NAN and also thank them taking the time to send me photo's. I can't thank you both enough, where I don't really show it is the only time I get to see my tack in the ring. With their kind permission, here at some piccys.

Well done to you both on all your hard work!!! :D

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Slowly Progressing

I'm slowly making progress on the orders I have waiting, today I have finished Jackie's hunt set which she has been patiently waiting for (thank you! x).  I'll add some piccys soon, when my camera decides to play nicely and show the proper colouring, grrr.

I have also been having a sort through some things and have made a decision to let some things go, first being this Harness I made for myself  for my Romke resin a while back. I really do love this harness as it has to be one of my favorites I have made so far but I'm not going to get the chance to show it anytime soon and it needs to be out and about not sat gathering dust on my horse shelf. I will pop it onto MH$P in a little while, I did try it on one of the Eberl boys and  it looked so good!!

Maybe if I'd had the right carriage for him I'd be keeping it. I also found a saddle I created for my starlite/sinclair resins, this too went into the sell pile but it has already found a new home.

Right off to add these to my site etc....can you believe I have forgotten my password?! Ooops! LOL. :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Eventing Set...

Well after what is I hate to say months! I have finished Glenys Eventing set she ordered from me. I have to say I'm so pleased with how it has all turned out, Glenys has been fantastic throughout and let me side line her order a few times to finish off others...thank you so so much hun *huge hugs* xxx.

She gave me a basic idea of what she wanted for Pheonix (Legacy) but left it more or less up to me as to what I wanted to make, this was a massive opportunity for me to have a play with some new ideas, I did run them past her first though as I'd hated to have made something she didn't like or want. I made up a new template design for a saddle and got to work, making new templates eats time, even simple changes involve a fair bit of planing out to get just right, quite often things don't line up how I want them to so I have to start again which is frustrating. Thankfully this new saddle went rather well from start to finish....had to have a little luck somewhere! lol.

Enough jibber jabber I guess and time to show you all some piccies.....

Her set is made up as follows -

* My new 'Pheonix' saddle (named after her horse, lol.) It is very detailed and has raised knee pads and hind thigh pads, fully adjustable stirrup leathers and my new lightweight black stirrups.
 Short padded stud girth with extensions. White sponsored saddle pad with fleece half pad.

* Five point breastplate with green and black banded elastic.

* Grackle bridle with an Egg Butt Snaffle with leather braided reins.

* Magnetic white with dark brown trim boots.

I borrowed a few of Glenys dolls a little while back (made by Joan Yount) and thought I'd set a little scene up with the jump I also made for her. I think it will look amazing all completed!

and jumping the wrong way....

Hopefully she will be pleased :)

On a few other things, you might have noticed that I added my new stirrups to this set. These were the first prototype ones that I made, I think they came out brilliantly and definately add to the the moment they are OOAK, lol! ;)

They weren't an easy road, I must have tweeked them many times to get them right.  I found that what looked great sat in your hand suddely showed up tiny flaws when you made a mould from it and cast a stirrup, grrr! These were some (and I mean some!) of my waste stirrups -

These were the few I couldn't bring myself to throw away, LOL! In the end I got the mixture and pigment right and the end result was much much better as you can sort of see in the pictures above.